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Demand for HeadBeds has risen exponentially around the globe due to Covid-19

Tens of thousands of Hair Salons around the globe have a HeadBed
on their Salon Sink, for its hygienic benefits.   


Made from medical grade silicone.   When sanitised in between clients,

 bacteria, viruses or micro-organisms cannot be passed on. ​


It is unique, ergonomically designed shampoo-basin head and neck support accessory, for you, the professional hairdresser. 

Now with a 5-year warranty.

Join the global movement and

get them on your salon sinks today.   

The ultimate and hygienic Head and Neck support accessory for washbasin comfort.

HeadBed is designed for client safety and comfort at the washbasin. 

Added bonus, we are extending our free shipping offer to you till the 28 September.



And another bonus, claim your free personalised co-branded video for your social media channels,
valued at $200 FREE.

Share with your clients that they are your highest priority. 

"Buy Now” to avoid the price increase on the 28 September. 

  • Medically endorsed and recommended by Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Remedial Massage Therapists.

  • Is suitable for all hairdressing salons, home salons, portable washbasins and aged care facilities.

  • Meets Salon Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Duty of Care requirements.

  • Compliments your hair salon procedures and safe work practices at the washbasin.

Watch this 2-minute video showing you how to use the HeadBed. 

  • Without having to use extra towels as neck padding 

  • Without having to change your salon sinks 

  • Without having to adjust your client in the chair
    every time to get comfortable  

Hear from our Community 

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